Student Selection & Admissions

Student Selection Process (Tests & Interviews)

a) All applicants must complete WMI application form, clearly indicating his/her intended course, necessary personal information, education background, acknowledgement of understanding of entry requirement and other terms and condition including PDPA.

b) Preliminary assessment will be made on the application form by WMI administrative staff and/or personnel authorized and appointed by relevant external partner. The preliminary assessment is solely based on the minimum entry criteria. Course manager/CMT/AB may sample check the preliminary assessment process to minimize any error or unfair practice.

c) The preliminarily shortlisted candidates will be subject to further screening process as per the requirement of each individual course approved by AB. The screening process may include some or all of below:

i. Verification of applicants’ suitability for the course in additional to the min. qualification criteria (e.g. psychometric tests, aptitude test, interviews etc where applicable)

ii. Verification of originality of supporting documents submitted by applications, by sighting the original copy and keeping the “WMI certified true copy” in student file.

d) Where interviews are conducted, only interviewer meeting the Interviewer criteria/qualification as per approved by AB shall be deployed. To mitigate effect of variance from various interviewers, necessary statistic moderation of interview score may be conducted. Where necessary, member of AB/CMT may sit in the interview sessions as part of monitoring process.

e) The final scores and shortlisted candidates are to be accepted by the management team and AB. The shortlisted candidates shall be then submitted to relevant external partners (including relevant government agencies where applicable) for final confirmation.

f) Where the student is recruited by an agent, WMI shall ensure that the student is recruited through WMI approved agent. No agent is allowed to perform selection/admission process on behalf of WMI.

g) Any appeal/dispute shall be handled as per WMI Dispute Resolution Policy. In any case, WMI take the decision by the relevant external partners (including relevant government agencies where applicable) are final and any appeal/dispute case shall be handled between the student and relevant party only. WMI will submit any supporting document upon request.

Admission Process

a) Upon approval of list of selected of applicants, WMI shall issue a Letter of Offer to the selected applicants and conduct pre-course counselling.

b) Students shall be informed of the course application status in a timely manner. At any time, applicants/students may contact WMI administrative staff to enquire on their application status.

c) International students shall be informed of ICA student’s pass application status in a timely manner. At any time, applicants/students contact WMI administrative staff to enquire on their student’s pass status.

d) During the admission process, prior the signing of the contract, both student and WMI holds no liability against each other with respect to the course applied, other than pre-agreed application fee and/or agency fee where applicable. Before the contract is signed, both WMI and student may withdrawal the offer/application with or without reason. Where an external party is involved, WMI shall update the relevant external party of any withdrawal of application by the student.

e) In the unlikely event that WMI withdraws the offer prior to the execution of the contract, such withdrawal of offer must be approved by AB and/or the management team and WMI shall issue a Letter of Notice to withdraw the offer signed off by the course manager. The Letter of Notice must be acknowledged by student and WMI shall inform all relevant stakeholders, including ICA. Any appeal/dispute shall be handled as per WMI Dispute Resolution Policy.

f) Any liability between the students and other external party (including associated appeal/dispute cases) shall be handled between the student and the party only. WMI may submit relevant supporting document upon request.

g) As part of the admission process, WMI shall execute student contract as per Para of this Manual for Execution of student contract.

h) Where applicable, after within 1 week after the contract has been signed, WMI shall matriculate the students with external academic partners.

i) WMI shall organise orientation for newly-enrolled students to inform them of essential course and student support services information, before the training programme commences. 

j) Once admitted, WMI administrative shall updated the student register within the within 3 working days. Relevant external party(s), including ICA, FPS etc shall be informed within 3 working days of the update.

k) No admission of student is allowed after course commencement unless the relevant provisions in the Private Education Regulations are met.