About Us


Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) was established in 1 October 2007 for the purpose of providing quality and cost-effective maritime education and training to SMOU members and the maritime industry. WMI extends its training network through continually maintaining global strategic partnerships with organisations both in Singapore and from the region including China, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, delivering an extensive range of maritime courses.

Through the establishment of the Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre (WMSC), WMI is able to deliver better training through improving safe operation of ships as well as nurturing our Singapore Maritime Core in the industry.

WMI is a subsidiary of Wavelink Holdings Pte. Ltd and our UEN Number is 20071814E.

As a Private Education

WMI is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) under the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) and has been awarded with the EduTrust Certification for higher standard for educational services.

CPE Registration Number: 200718148E

Valid from: 06 December 2014 to 05 December 2018

EduTrust Cert. Number: EDU-2-2109

Valid from: 20 December 2017 to 19 December 2021 

Organisation Statement


The vision of WMI is to be the preferred world-class education and training institution for the maritime industries.


At WMI, our mission is to enable members of the maritime industry to realize their potential through the delivery of high quality and cost effective courses and programme.



We uphold the highest standards of excellence


We constantly pursue new ideas and creative solutions


We are committed to grow with the organization


We earn and uphold the trust and confidence of others in us

Team Spirit

We work as a team to achieve common goals

Caring and Sharing

We adopt a philosophy of caring and sharing with one another

Our Quality Journey

At WMI, quality is everyone’s responsibility.  We take pride in our work and emphasise on problem prevention rather than correction.  We are committed to comply with the requirements of our customers, and to continually improve our service quality based on feedback and established industry standards, such as STCW, IMO Model Courses, etc, where applicable.

Our WMI Quality Management System (QMS) is fully compliant with ISO 9001.  All WMI staff must comply with the QMS and strive to continuously improve our quality process in the most competitive and effective manner.

The quality objectives are constantly examined as part of the Management Reviews and are as follows:

- To attain Lecturer Evaluation Index of at least 4 out of 5 points for all* Maritime Courses

- To attain an Overall Course Evaluation Index of at least 80% for all* Maritime Courses (for at least 2 out of 3 participants in a class)

- To ensure all lecturers are qualified by relevant knowledge and experience 

*where class size is at least 6 participants

Last updated December 2017 

Organisation Structure